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Vibes of Autumn

Vibes of Autumn
Vibes of Autumn
Vibes of Autumn
Vibes of Autumn
Vibes of Autumn
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Vibes of Autumn is a monochrome wrap paying homage to the classic houndstooth weaving pattern, also known as "shepherds' check". The weaving pattern was often used in shepherds' clothes in Scotland in the late 1800s and entered the modern fashion scene when Christian Dior used it in his 1948 Haute Couture spring/summer collection. From there on, the houndstooth design has been a high fashion staple, and often a fall and winter favorite.
I'm in love with this simple, yet interesting pattern because it dresses up everything, yet never gets boring. It is also a prime example of perfect tesselation: The wrap looks the same on both sides, unlike most jaquard woven fabric.
Being originally a shepherd's pattern, Vibes of Autumn is of course woven in 100% merino wool. Mulesing free from free-roaming sheep and untreated, as always. 🐑❤️

Vibes of Autumn is available as both woven wrap and ring sling.
Blend:100% ethical merino wool, mulesing free and from free-roaming sheep.
Weight of fabric: Approx. 270 g/m2 after wash.
Width: ~70 cm
Colour: Black/white
Wrap qualities:
Vibes of Autumn is a cushy, easy to wrap with and supportive wrap/sling with light grip from both the weave/pattern and the wool.

Length is approximate. The wrap will shrink slightly and will stretch with use. Hand wash only using detergent for wool. Arrives in loom state and must be washed before 1st use. The wrap "puffs up" after the first wash.

Which size do I need?
Your "base size" (the size you need to be able to do the classic carry Front Wrap Cross Carry, also known as FWCC) depends on your clothes size. If you are size S-L, your base size is most likely a 6. If you are XS or smaller, a size 5 will be long enough. If you are XL or larger, or need to share the wrap with a larger partner, a size 7 or 8 might be the best choice for you. If in doubt, pick the longer wrap. There is 50 cm difference between the sizes.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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