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Love and affection is necessary for babies to develop a strong and secure bond with their parents. Babywearing enables you to comfort and carry your child while still having your hands free and your back supported. We believe that babywearing is a powerful tool for nurturing the relationship between parent and child, and a fantastic tool for empowering you as a parent.

Nordic Slings was created by designer and mother Christine Clausen, on a foundation of Danish design tradition. Great design goes hand in hand with great comfort and ease of use; our slings and wraps offer combination of esthetics and comfort without compromise. All our fabric is as a minimum Oeko-tex 100 certified and woven on a GOTS-certified weaving mill.

We hope you will feel welcome and confident browsing our website, and perhaps be inspired to give babywearing a try. ♡

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Ring sling or woven wrap?

Ring sling or woven wrap?

A question I often get, is "What is the best choice for me - a ring sling or a woven wrap?" In this article, I will explain the differences and typical use of the two types of carriers and help you decide which carrier is right for you and your child. 

Using a ring sling

With a little practice, the ring sling is a very fast and convenient carrier. Being much shorter than the woven wrap, it fits easily in a bag, or as a scarf.... Read More
Using a ring sling
Using a woven wrap

Using a woven wrap

A woven wrap is the ultimate in comfort and versatility. A woven wrap can be used from newborn to todder, and depending on how it is tied, the child can... Read More

Finding your size

WOVEN WRAPS Most people start out with a wrap in their base size. Your "base size" means the size you need to be able to comfortably tie the standard carry "Front... Read More
Finding your size


A ring sling is a very versatile carrier. It is fast and easy to use and can be used for babies as well as toddlers.

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Instinct of a Mother is a leopard pattern wrap inspired by a powerful feeling I think all mothers - animal and human alike - recognize: The urge to protect and nuture our little ones. Instinct of a Mother is woven in 100% merino wool. It is easy to wrap with... Read More


A woven wrap offers the ultimate in comfort and versatility. A woven wrap can be tied in many different ways, carrying the child in front, on hip, or on your back.

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Linen fabric har been a luxury item since ancient times. The ancient Egyptians cherished the light and shiny fabric, ideal as a cooling shield from the desert sun. The flax... Read More


Merino wool is one of my favorite fibers for slings and wraps. The strength, lightness and cush, along with its balance of grip and glide makes it a pleasure to wear every time.

Can't decide?

Choosing the carrier perfect for you and your child can be a challenge, especially when deciding on your first one. Don't hesitate to reach out if you need help determing the best fit for you and your child. ♡

Best regards, Christine