Review of Eik the Acorn

 by Philippa Valentin

(for Danish, scroll down)

"Wow. Just wow! Eik the Acorn is one of the most beautiful wraps I've ever seen. I love the colour combination and the pretty tussah nubs give a fantastic warm effect. That it's buttery soft from the first wash, and a marshmallow on the shoulders, even when you carry a 13kg bundle of energy, just makes you love it more.

It's so soft and easy to work with, and it still has an amazing grip, so even with a mega sloppy wrapjob, the wrap stays in place and doesn't budge a centimeter."

50% Speckled golden tussah silk
50% Midnight blue combed Egyptian cotton
Approx. gsm 270
Satin weave.
Eik The Acorn is a grippy, buttery soft luxury wrap very well suited for beginners.
This release is a re-weave of my first wrap in the Eik pattern from 2018. It was a favorite back then and I have had multiple requests over the years to re-weave it. However, it was never possible because the silk I used was out of stock. However, my mill and I recently managed to get our hands on a very last batch of this special italian silk. After this, Eik the Acorn cannot, and will not be released again. Enjoy 🫶
Differences from the 1st release: This release will feature my updated leather middle marker and, unlike the original, be available in size 8+.



Prices (1st grade):
Size 9+: On request, ask for price
Size 8 (570 cm): 2495,- DKK / €335
Size 7 (520 cm): 2395,- DKK / €321
Size 6 (470 cm): 2195,- DKK / €295
Size 5 (420 cm): 1995,- DKK / €268
Size 4 (370 cm): 1695,- DKK / €228
Size 3 (320 cm): 1595,- DKK / €214
Size 2 (270 cm): 1295,- DKK / € 174
Size 1/Scarf (220 cm): 1095,- DKK / €147
Ring sling: 1195,- DKK / €160
Ring sling, extra long: 1295,- DKK / €174
Denmark: Free shipping
Norway: 49 DKK / €7
Europe (EU): €15
International: €18
To buy:
These wraps will be made to order. Approximately 15 wraps are available in total. Email me on with your prefered size(s) as well as your name and shipping address. I will send an email with a payment link. You can also send me a message here if you need assistance. ☺️