Release by draw: Eik Gloria Mundo

✨Eik Gloria Mundi✨
50% Tussah silk, 50% combed Egyptian cotton. Gsm ~270. Limited edition.
Embrace glory. Stride into summer in this high silk blend, combining two golden luxury yarns to create a resplendent golden wrap. The amount of wraps are very limited. See below.
Size 8: €335 (1 available)
Size 7: €321 (2 available)
Size 6: €295 (4 available)
Size 5: €268 (1 available)
Ring sling: €160 (2 available)
Long ring sling: €174 (1 available)
Long ring sling 2. grade: €160 (1 available)
✨Free international shipping✨
If you purchase from outside the EU or Norway, the Danish VAT (20%) will be deducted from your purchase price.
This wrap is sold by draw. To purchase: Send me an email: and don't forget to include your shipping address and which wrap/sling size(s) you want to buy.
Deadline for entering the draw is 30th of May at 12:00 CEST. I will send out mails with payment links a little after this time. If there are more customers than wraps available, I will draw the buyers randomly from the emails. 🍀 Best of luck!