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Eik Fenris

Eik Fenris
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Fenris is a luxurious wrap woven from 55% nubby tussah silk and 45% mulesing free merino. The weight is ~260 g/m2.

Speckled grey tussah silk on black merino warp.

This blend does very well with both babies and toddlers. The warp being wool, it's light and airy, yet very strong. The wrap is soft enough to wrap a newborn snugly, yet has a balance of grip (from the tussah nubs) and glide from the merino to do a bandage-like back carry, and stay in place. The silk and merino is soft and cuddly from first wash, and the wraps require no breaking in.


When Loki, the trickster god, brought a small wolf puppy to Asgaard, the gods took it in and it quickly became everyone's favorite. But the puppy kept growing - larger and larger. Eventually becoming the biggest and smartest wolf in existence. The gods, scared that the wolf might someday hurt someone, decided to chain it with a magical chain. Only when trapped did it bite, and Tyr, god of War, lost his arm. 🐺



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