Wrap sizes

The size you need to choose for your wrap, depends mainly which size clothes you use. A term often used when it comes to wraps is "base size". Base size is the length of wrap needed to tie the wrap in the standard way that most people use.


Your "base size" means the size you need to be able to comfortably tie the standard carry "Front Wrap Cross Carry", also known as FWCC.

Your base size depends on which size clothes you use on your upper body.

XS or smaller: Size 5

Size S-L: Size 6

XL-XXL: Size 7

3XL+: Size 8

It's important that you have enough fabric to work with when wrapping, so you can comfortably tie a secure double knot. The difference between sizes is only 50 cm, so if you are torn between two sizes, I always recommend you pick the longer of the two.

You will notice that shorter wraps (Size 1-4) exist. These short wraps are used for alternative ways to tie, that requires less fabric.

Woven wrap lengths:

Size 8: 570cm
Size 7: 520cm

Size 6: 470 cm
Size 5: 420cm
Size 4: 370 cm
Size 3: 320 cm
Size 2: 270cm
Size 1: 220cm


Fabric is a live material that contracts with wash, and stretches with use. Depending on how they are washed, and how they are used, they will contract and stretch more or less. The posted lengths are approximate and what you can expect after washing according to guidelines.

If you have any questions, send a message and we will be happy to assist!