Review of Instinct of a Mother

Review of Instinct of a Mother

100% Mulesing free merino wool
Gsm ~270. Wraps in the same blend: Asgaard Rimfaxe, Vibes of Autumn


by Line Boe Jensen

I am probably what you would call relatively new in the wrap/sling world, but the I'm learning quickly and I am really enjoying carrying/hugging my child in this way. 😉
As my second ring sling, I invested in "Instinct of a Mother" from Nordic Slings. When I received it, I was a bit anxious about how it would be to adjust, as the woolen fabric seems much thicker than the linen of my first sling. But I find, that it's neither heavy nor "carpet-y" to wear. On the contrary, my experience is that it wraps itself over my shoulder very comfortably and my daughters weight is distributed nicely and evenly. Personally, I had to get used to the fabric being a bit more volumous, but it's not a problem because it glides easy through the rings when adjusting. Besides being lovly to carry in and work with, I find the materials to be of a very high quality. And then it's really beautiful and I receive a lot of compliemnts when I am carrying my precious one around, safe and warm in the most comfortable of wool! So from here, my warmest recommendations!
Best regards, Line