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Review of Eik Golden Days


Review of Eik Golden Days

Review of Eik Golden Days 

55% Mulesing free merino wool, 45% Egyptian combed cotton
Gsm ~265. Wraps in the same blend: -


by Lone Amtoft

I've known this brand from way back when it was named Danishquirks and did small batches of raw slings in often no-cottony blends. The last bit they've held on to - for instance with the 2019 Eik custom (wool/silk). So with this wrap I wondered whether the wool would make it too bouncy. However this wasn't the case. The thickness of the wrap makes up for this, so it seems to give great support, even in one layer carries.

The merino used is soft as expected, but usually I find that most (even high quality) cotton needs a period of breaking in. This does not. After the obligatory first wash, this cotton is kitten belly soft.

It has a warm mustard yellow (the merino part) and a cool mocca brown (the cotton) - both have quite a bit of shine. It feels medium thick (I haven't calculated gsm).

My son weighs about 9 kilos and it gives really nice support for him - even for a longer nap yesterday. I didn't have the rhetoric skills (or bribery at hand) to convince my daughter of 3 years and 12,5 kg to try - sorry. It has more glide than grip unlike most of the Eik releases (I tried Fenris, Sif and The Acorn). I recommend Eik Golden Days for beginners as well as for both newborn- and toddlerwrapping. If you're into 70'ies colorways and a not too grippy, supportive medium wrap, this will be for you.


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