Flax plant

Linen fabric har been a luxury item since ancient times. The ancient Egyptians cherished the light and shiny fabric, ideal as a cooling shield from the desert sun. The flax plant (from which linen is made) with beautiful blue flowers, has been grown commercially in Western Europe for centuries; the costal climate with lots of rain and sun is ideal for making linen of the highest quality. The best linen in the world is still grown mainly in France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Linen is extremely hardy, and the flax plant can be grown without the use of watering or artificial fertilizers. When the field is done blooming, the stalks ripen and dry on the field, before being processed into the shiny, almost gold-like, raw linen fibre.

Linen, like wool, is a hollow fibre. This means that linen can absorb up to 20% of its own weight in moisture before feeling clammy, and the fibre allows the moisture to evaporate quickly. Linen is an ideal fabric for warm summer days. The better quality linen, the quicker is becomes floppy and soft against the skin. Linen has a naturally shiny surface and drapes beautifully. Linen thread's natural slight unevenness, gives the fabric a lively expression.

Nordic Sling's linen ring slings, will quickly get soft and will only get softer and more beautiful with use. Linen fabric has no bounce, and will feel firm and supportive; cooling on warm days and warm in cool evenings.

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