Hi! My name is Christine, and I am the founder of Nordic Slings. Nordic Slings is a Danish babywearing brand, and a result of my passion for babywearing and design. 

Love and affection is necessary for babies to develop a strong and secure bond with their parents. Babywearing enables you to comfort and carry your child while still having your hands free and your back supported. I believe that babywearing is a powerful tool for nurturing the relationship between parent and child, and a fantastic tool for empowering you as a parent. My hope is that someday, babywearing will be considered as common as strolling with your baby in a pram. 

It is important to me, that the baby carriers made by Nordic Slings are not only beautifully designed, but that their production also live up to strict ethical guidelines for manifacturing and environmental impact.. 

Nordic Slings wraps and slings are woven from high quality natural fibres on a small European GOTS certified weaving mill, and then finished by seamstresses in Denmark. All the fibers used are manufactured under strict ethical guidelines, to ensure they contain no harmful chemicals, that the productions has a minimal environmental impact, that the well being of animals is prioritized and that a dignified life for workers is ensured.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story, if you ever want to reach out, you are welcome to write me.

Best regards, 

Christine Marie Lundbye Clausen