Draw to purchase: Oak Versailles

Eik Versailles is woven in a regal blue merino warp, combined with a speckled yellow tussah silk weft - a high contrast luxury combination, that draws inspiration from the gilded splendor of the royal Palace de Versailles, in France.
Signature Blend, limited edition:
Eik Versailles is woven in Nordic Slings' signature blend of 55% tussah silk and 45% merino wool, the first new release in this blend since 2019 .

This blend is legendary for its softness and strength, and my previous wraps in this blend can be difficult to find second-hand, as people tend to hold on to them. Eik Versailles is a limited edition, and I have only made a handful of these items.
Wrap qualities:
The warp in 100% merino wool gives the wrap a slight bounce, while the nubby tussah silk gives a good, balanced grip. The weave wraps like a bandage. The wrap requires virtually no breaking in and will become noticeably softer after the first wash. On Wraptrack, Nordic Sling's signature blend wraps from 2019 still hold the all-time 3rd place for newborn as well as all-time 4th place for toddler wraps.
With a GSM slightly higher than the 2019 collection, Eik Versailles will delight you with its versatility and strength.
55% Tussah silk
45% Ethical merino wool
Weight ~300 g/m2
Flipped rails (No backside)
Middle markers: 100% calf leather
Ring slings: Golden rings