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It's a wonderful feeling to carry your child close. Feeling their little body relax, their breathing slowing and finally they fall asleep, their head resting safely on your chest. Soothed by your warmth and the sound of your heartbeat. Kram ringslings are a loving embrace, that enables you to carry your child, while at the same time having your hands free and your back supported.

Kram Anthracit by Nordic Slings is a 100% European linen ring sling in a classic plain weave, suitable for babies to toddlers. Carrying your baby should be quick, easy and comfortable. A sling made of soft fabric is easier to work with, and the Kram slings are made from European linen that is already soft, and will only get softer with use. Linen fibres have no bounce, and the plain weave is very stable, so the sling will stay in place and feel firm and supportive on your back and shoulder. Ever feel too hot in a baby carrier? Linen is often used in summer clothes because of its unique properties - the hollow linen fibres makes this sling it cooling on warm days and warm in cool evenings. When you receive your Kram sling, you can start carrying with it right away. It is already pre-washed and ready to hug your baby. 

  • ▪️ Blend: 100% European sourced linen makes for a strong, soft and cooling blend
  • ▪️ Colour: Dark grey with light speckles (anthracit)
  • ▪️ Weave: Plain weave provides lots of support
  • ▪️ Rings: Shiny silver rings in size L makes the fabric glide smoothly through the rings for easy adjustment
  • ▪️ Tail: Slanted, which makes the fabric drape neatly
  • ▪️ Length: ~2 meters is suitable for carrier body size XS-XXL
  • ▪️ Width: 70 cm, suitable for babies up to toddlers
  • ▪️ Weight: ~250g/m2 (medium gsm)
  • ▪️ Child weight: 4-20 kg (Newborn-2 years)
  • ▪️ 100% Vegan - only contains plant based fibres
  • ▪️ Easycare - no need to worry about accidents. This sling can be machine washed


Your woven wrap base size depends on your clothes size:

  • XS or smaller: Size 5 
  • Size S-L: Size 6
  • XL-XXL: Size 7
  • 3XL+: Size 8

Read more about finding your woven wrap size here


Most people fit a standard length ring sling. If you are a size XL or bigger you might want a ring sling with extra length.

  • XS-L: Standard length ring sling
  • XL+ or use for back carries: Long ring sling
  • Kram slings are one size fits all (in between a standard and a long)

Read more about ring sling sizes here


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