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Known for its amazing softness and strength, garments made from merino wool are temperature-regulating, durable and very comfortable. Merino wool is one of my favorite fibers for slings and wraps. The strength, lightness and cush, along with its balance of grip and glide makes it a pleasure to wear every time.

However, not all merino wool is created equal. Some farmers still use a method called mulesing. Mulesing is a very painful procedure, that involves removing strips of skin on the buttocks of the lamb. When the treated area heals, the area will be covered in scar tissue. The purpose is to reduce the risk of a parasitic infestation known as flystrike.

We only buy merino from farmers that use gentler methods to protect their sheep (such as washing, selective breeding and wool trimming). Furthermore, our merino is from sheep that have roamed free in nature, feeding off natural plants and herbs and only brought in for trimming once a year.

After the merino sheep are sheared, the raw merino wool is washed, combed and sorted into fiber length. The longest and finest fibers are used for the thread we use for weaving our wraps. A thread spun from the finest merino wool is very strong, even, and has minimal wool prickle. Our wool is not superwash treated or coated in any way: When you notice the silk-like sheen of the loomstate merino wraps, it means you are looking at merino of the highest quality.

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