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Eik Royal

Eik Royal
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Eik Royal

Eik Royal

This luxurious high tussah wrap has an almost regal presence. Understated tone-in-tone pattern in deep royal blue highlighted by brilliant specks of bright blue and red. The wrap is extremely moldable, very cushy and soft on the shoulders. Glides into place and stays there with amazing grip that makes carrying heavier children easy. The tussah used in Royal is soft from the very first use and requires no breaking in. This is a wrap that can be used from newborn to toddler, with ease and comfort.
Other wraps in this blend: Eik Thunderchild


50% Tussah silk
50% Egyptian combed cotton
Gsm ~265
Flipped rails
*Note that the silk in Eik Royal will have a distinct smell while wet after washing. This is natural, harmless and is caused by natural glue from the silk.


(in DKK, prices in € is estimates): 
RS: 1.595,- DKK / 214€
Size 7: 2.795,- / 375 €
Size 6: 2.595,- / 348 €
Size 5: 2.395,- / 321 €
Size 4: 2.145,- / 288 €
Worldwide shipping included.
Eik Regal ring sling

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