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Using a woven wrap

Using a woven wrap

A woven wrap is the ultimate in comfort and versatility. A woven wrap can be used from newborn to todder, and depending on how it is tied, the child can be carried in front, on your back or on your hip. With a woven wrap you can carry your child comfortably for a long time, as the weight is distributed symmetrically and evenly on your shoulders and back. 

We recommend that you start by practicing to tie the "Front Wrap Cross Carry", also known as the FWCC. For this carry you need a wrap in your base size. Find your base size here.

This is a carry suitable for newborns as well as older childen, and it will distribute the weight of the child evenly and symmetrically. With a woven wrap, you can comfortably carry your child for an extended period of time.

YouTube is a great resource for learning in the comfort of your own home.

We highly recommend the video tutorials from Wrap You In Love


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